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Reducing your HELOC payment by several hundred
dollars is dirt simple. And it's not a Refi.

Maximize your potential. Most people use their HELOC for one thing: a second mortgage. Yet these tools can be used for so much more. Home equity lines of credit are incredible financial tools that can help you on your journey towards financial freedom. With literally 2 or 3 simple changes in how you manage your finances, you can begin saving hundreds of dollars in the first month. Seriously. And your reward isn't limited to saving cash on your monthly payments - we can also show you how to use your HELOC to get free airline tickets, become your own personal investment bank, or even generate passive cashflow!

Here are a few testimonials sent in by our customers:

"Fantastic info. By following the principles in your eBook I was able to cut my monthly payment by $150 and receive a free plane ticket! It's so simple, I wish I had been doing this all along."

- Adam M., Engineer

"Home Equity Secrets is full of solid financial principles presented in an easy to understand and apply format.  It can truly help anyone to build wealth or just weather the current housing market credit crunch."

- Tim G., MBA 

"Once you learn these principles, you'll wonder why they didn't occur to you as common sense earlier.  The book is informative and easy to understand. It teaches how to manage your money instead of having your money manage you. Those who understand interest earn it, those who don't, pay it. This book taught me how to earn it."

- Michelle J., Real Estate Investor


Want to be rich? Marry a millionaire! (it worked for K-Fed...for a while, anyway) Want to save a couple hundred dollars each month? Read Home Equity Secrets and apply its principles! Here are just a few lessons that the book covers:

Become your own bank and finance investments, pay for education, etc
Use FREE MONEY (seriously, no gimmick) to offset interest accumulation indefinitely
The secret method that ANYONE can use to get a free airline ticket by using your HELOC
Use your HELOC as a tool to pay off your first mortgage in 1/3 to 1/2 the time and save massive amounts of interest
A DIRT SIMPLE method that you can implement immediately to significantly decrease your monthly HELOC payment

What would you do if you had an extra $100 or $200 every month? Because that's what you can legitimately save by applying these principles to your situation. Would you lease a new car? Buy a new Blackberry? Or simply put the money towards savings?

The information presented in Home Equity Secrets can literally save you thousands of dollars each year. And it's yours for only $19.97. Let me ask you this: If I offered to sell you a $100 bill for $5, would you buy it? Of course you would. And that's what this is (actually, it's a lot more). Read it and see!

I have personally decreased my monthly payment by over $150 using the techniques explained in Home Equity Secrets. Here is my HELOC statement from Dec 2006:

Before Statement



And here is that same statement a few months later. Keep in mind that this is for the same loan, same interest rate, same everything. The ONLY THING THAT CHANGED is that I applied the principles from Home Equity Secrets and DRAMATICALLY DECREASED THE BALANCE. And it only took a few minutes each month!

After Statement


I'm so certain you'll be able to save money on your monthly HELOC payment that I am giving you a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee! If after 3 months of applying these principles, you haven't AT LEAST paid for the cost of the ebook, request a refund and you'll have your money back. And, as a token of my appreciation for trying these methods, I'd like you to keep the ebook! That's right, your money is refunded and you get to keep the ebook!

To get Home Equity Secrets, simply click on the link below and you will be taken to a page where you can download the ebook (in PDF format). The download is quick and should take only a few seconds on a high speed connection.


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